COVID-19 Updated Playing Conditions

Restrictions for play throughout the COVID-19 period:

From 1 September 2020

– Play is allowed in groups up to four.
– Players are not to touch the flags.
– There will be no rakes in bunkers. 
– All motorised carts hired are now allowed to have two players.

– There will normally only be one staff member on at one time so please be patient.
– Pass holders are requested to book their games online – do not call up to book unless it is essential.
– Payment transactions are to be via pay wave where possible.

Golf  Course  hours will be 7am to 6.00pm with last balls on the range sold at 5.00pm for a 5.30pm closure


-Restricted menu in place, refer to the hospitality area on the website for current trading hours 

-Alcohol purchases now permitted at the bar and for out on the course


COVID-19 Updated Playing Conditions